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Turn a $1 Investment into $5 (or More) for Your Business

In 1965, there were only half a dozen ways businesses could connect with prospects and convert them into customers. These included TV, radio, outdoor, print and a handful of other methods.

Today, there are more than 3 dozen ways to connect, including iBeacon, Facebook, mobile display, YouTube, LinkedIn, email, TalkingWiFi and a several others that are just coming online.

The result is that the customer journey has gone from this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.27.13 PM

To something that looks like this:


The complexity of the customer journey has left many businesses scratching their heads because they can’t track the results in order to calculate the ROI of their campaigns.

But there’s a solution.

SIXTY has developed a technology called SalesMatrix that allows you to target specific prospects and track their journey until they become customers.

With SalesMatrix™ you can target specific prospects via mobile, desktop, email, or just about any other channel, and track their conversion from prospect to customer. This gives you all the ammunition you need to calculate an accurate ROI for your campaign.

Is SalesMatrix™ inexpensive? No, but it enables you to accurately calculate the ROI of your sales and marketing campaigns. Better still, in virtually all cases, the technology pays for itself many times over.

Interested in hearing more? Call our CEO, Jamie Turner, at 678-313-3472 or send him an email and he’ll walk you through how SalesMatrix™ can be used for your company.